Data Security just got more challenging 

Biz Critical Unstructured data plus WFH plus Increased Collaboration equals higher Data Risk and greater Data Loss 

Let Concentric help discover all your Biz Critical content AND identify, remediate risk  to sensitive data and prevent data loss
All of this without rules, regular expressions or upfront configuration 

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Concentric's Semantic Intelligence solution protects the data your employees are creating and sharing from home.

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Our Take

Karthik takes stock

After a few weeks at home he's learned something about human nature. And why a remote workforce places a greater emphasis on data security - understanding what's important and what may be at risk of data loss.

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Protect Your Data

Keep your staff productive without sacrificing security

Find and assess risk in your business-critical data without rules or extra work.

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Remote Work

Tips from KPMG

How to stay engaged and positive when you and your co-workers can't be together.

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Get the Facts

Cybercrime is changing. So are our tools.

Zoom has security issues. Should you be worried? And online fraudsters are taking full advantage.

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Managing Risk More Effectively with FAIR-1
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Cloud Migration

Get online, fast but without sacrificing security

If remote work has accelerated your move to the cloud, you're not alone. Move faster without leaving security behind.

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